The First NFT Battle Royale — Ether Royale

The first NFT battle royale is here. Holders will spectate as their soldiers (NFTs) passively battle to earn prizes. Your soldiers will do all the battling for you. Get streamlined updates and real time results on the website and Discord. Season 1 begins immediately after mint.

5 min readApr 5, 2022

Ether Royale is a passive/interactive hybrid. The game is passive unless you get eliminated. If eliminated, you can play mini games for a chance to be revived back into battle. There will be loot crates that can be earned, and found, daily containing partner WL spots, ENS domain names, Ledger wallets, Ether Royale soldiers & valuable NFTs. The grand prize for the last man standing will earn an exotic loot crate containing an NFT valued at 5ETH. Win 2 Royales in Season 1 and win a God Tier loot crate containing an NFT valued at 15ETH. Another battle will begin when one ends, and all NFTs are automatically entered…regardless how the prior battle went.

No Staking. Simply Hold Soldiers For Automatic Entry

Most people do not have the time required to earn substantial earnings in P2E games. In Ether Royale you do not have to do anything but hold your soldiers. They will battle while you work…they will battle while you sleep. Check in daily to see soldier stats and rewards.

All results will update in live time on both website and discord

Kill-Feed / Real Time Results

Get live updates from the kill-feed and right on the website. Ether Royale utilizes an advanced algorithm to update the kill-feed & “my soldiers” section on the website. The algorithm is completely open source, for full transparency, and all results are relayed to the public in live time.

Daily Loot Crates

Earn daily loot creates ranging from uncommon-legendary. Daily crates can be earned by daily kill leader and completed bounties (for eliminating queens). Soldiers can also find random crates in battle.

Please note that you will buy the ledger yourself (for obvious reasons). Ether Royale will reimburse the cost.

Revive Mini Games

If eliminated, play mini-games for chance at a 2nd life (revive). A certain percentage of high scores will be revived and entered back into the battle when the next day begins. Mini games will alternate and are limited to one attempt per day (per eliminated soldier).

mini games will rotate weekly

Grand Prize Loot Crates

The last soldier standing will earn a grand prize loot crate ranging from exotic to god tier. 1 win earns an exotic loot crate (containing an NFT worth 5ETH). 2 wins earns a god tier loot crate (containing an NFT worth 15ETH).

Prizes do stack. Holder must win 2 royales for a God Tier crate. It does not have to be the same soldier.


Within the collection are 16 1/1s. Each queen has a unique artwork and utility. All legendary, Exotic and God Tier loot crates must first go through the queen algorithm before being sent to the true winner. Each crate has a 7.77% chance at being stolen by a Queen. If the steal is successful then one random queen holder will win the prize instead. This only happens once per prize and the NFT is completely safe once sent to your wallet.

Queens can be identified by their unique crowns and faction symbol right on the NFT. Each queen has a unique 1/1 artwork and an extremely desirable utility


Each soldier (NFT) will belong to 1 of 16 factions. Each faction has one queen. Earn rewards based on solo AND faction performance. The faction with the best stats at the end of the season will battle for one exotic loot crate, one legendary loot crate, and the chance to be appointed to king. King utility and implementation will be announced soon.

Roadmap & Sustainability

A major portion of mint funds will be kept in the community wallet to self sustain Ether Royale for many seasons. Each season will last roughly 2 months. Additionally, monthly OpenSea royalties will go right into the prizepool as well.

Phase 1
Minting, Season 1 & Season 2

Entire battle royale system is complete. Our holders will have value and utility immediately after they mint. Too many NFT collections mint first and build second. That is completely backwards and Ether Royale is setting the new standard. Your NFT will act as a pass to ALL royales, alpha & shark tank…immediately after you mint.

Phase 2
Introducing Maps & Loadouts For Season 3

We will roll out another layer to our algorithm in Season 3. Each royale will take place on a unique map. Each map will slightly boost odds for specific species/factions. Holders will also have the ability to adjust the loadout of their soldiers prior to each royale. Holders will have options to prioritize surviving, looting or killing.

Phase 3
Gen 2 Airdrop, New Collection & New Game Modes For Seasons 4 & 5

Gen 1 holders will be top of mind during EVERY decision made at Ether Royale. ALL GEN 1 holders will receive a free airdrop from our GEN 2 collection before minting to the public. Gen 1 holders will help design new factions, kings and queens for Gen 2. Gen 1 will still have better odds than Gen 2 at winning royales / securing loot…and will always be the most desirable. Gen 2 will mint to the public and Gen 2 royalties will go towards replenishing the prize-pools as well.

In addition to Gen 2 we will be adding a new “arenas” game mode. This will allow holders to buy-in and dual against other factions and soldiers. This would look similar to Zed Run…where holders buy-in to races. In Zed Run the horse is the NFT. You can buy-in to enter races and holders get prizes based on performance. Ether Royale will do the same but with soldiers instead! A portion of these entry funds will go right back into royale prize pools (which will always be free to enter).

Ether Royale will work around the clock, every single day, to ensure we are constantly innovating, and expanding, in order to bring the utmost value to our holders.