The First NFT Battle Royale — Ether Royale

The first NFT battle royale is here. Holders will spectate as their soldiers (NFTs) passively battle to earn prizes. Your soldiers will do all the battling for you. Get streamlined updates and real time results on the website and Discord. Season 1 begins immediately after mint.

No Staking. Simply Hold Soldiers For Automatic Entry

All results will update in live time on both website and discord

Kill-Feed / Real Time Results

Daily Loot Crates

Please note that you will buy the ledger yourself (for obvious reasons). Ether Royale will reimburse the cost.

Revive Mini Games

mini games will rotate weekly

Grand Prize Loot Crates

Prizes do stack. Holder must win 2 royales for a God Tier crate. It does not have to be the same soldier.


Queens can be identified by their unique crowns and faction symbol right on the NFT. Each queen has a unique 1/1 artwork and an extremely desirable utility


Roadmap & Sustainability



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