Ether Royale — The First NFT Battle Royale

5 min readFeb 16, 2022



Inspired by Zed Run & Wolf Game. The first NFT battle royale is here — Ether Royale. 8,888 NFT soldiers divided into four species and 16 factions exist on planet Ether. Each soldier will go to war for their holder and faction. No staking or gas fees are required to enter. Each soldier (NFT) represents one entry to the royale. Compete for chances to win prizes through individual and faction performance. Soldiers can also find and earn loot crates on the battlefield (containing ETH and WL spots to other collections). You do not lose your NFT if you die in battle — you will be back in the next royale.

Revolutionary Game Concept

NFT games tend to set ceilings for themselves. They are tied to the boundaries of the smart contract and often get exploited. We want to make sure we are constantly innovating, and expanding, in order to deliver the utmost value to our holders. Each NFT within Ether Royale represents a soldier that can be thrown into the fray to battle over prizes and glory! Each holder will be able to view their soldiers from the website, without staking and costly gas fees. We will utilize an advanced algorithm to update the killfeed within the website and discord daily. Every single kill will be logged throughout the royale and the surviving player pool will continue to diminish each day. Rare traits will increase probability of victory, and queens will have their own added utility as well.


4 species (Aliens, Zombies, Robots, Bulls) and 16 factions makeup the 8,888 total soldiers within Ether Royale. Each faction has their own queen. These will surely be the most desired within the collection. In addition to their 1/1 artwork, each queen has an added utility: 7.77% chance at stealing any NFT or loot crate that is won. Anytime a soldier wins a prize, or loot crate, then the prize has a 92.23% chance to go to the winning soldier’s wallet. If the 7.77% steal succeeds then one of the 16 queens is randomly selected and will win the prize instead. This can only happen once per prize and the NFT is safe once airdropped to the holder’s wallet.

Image above depicts 3 of the 16 queens. Each queen above leads a different zombie faction.


There is one constant when looking at any successful NFT collection : a tight knit community. Within the community will be 16 factions — adding an extra layer of comradery and family. Each faction will contain roughly 550 soldiers. If a player gets eliminated from a royale, then they can still win prizes through faction performance. We will also run mini games within the factions for chances at faction merch and additional prizes.

NFT Gaming Simplified

When designing the gamification layout of Ether Royale, our main focus remained clear: design a game that ANYONE can take part in. Most NFT holders are not gamers. Furthermore, most NFT holders do not have time to grind away at time-consuming Play-2-Earn games. Ether Royale will allow anyone to buy a few soldiers and passively compete for a chance at victory.

Season 1 Prizes

1 Win: Every soldier in Ether Royale has a chance to win. After each royale, the holder of the winning soldier will win 6ETH worth of NFTs. The 6ETH can be spent on any NFTs you wish.

2 Wins: Prizes Do Stack. If one holder (does not have to be the same soldier) wins 2 royales then they will receive 20ETH + the 6ETH prize for 1 win. The 26ETH can be spent on any NFTs you wish.

2 Faction Wins: With success, comes greed. If your faction wins 2 royales, a battle within the faction will break out. The winning soldier will be appointed prince and receive 10ETH. New utility will be revealed & the 10ETH can be spent on any NFTs you wish.

Bounty: Eliminate a queen at any time in any royale to win .1 ETH (paid out immediately)

Loot Boxes: At the end of each day, the soldier with the most daily kills receives a loot box. These loot boxes can contain ETH or WL spots for other projects. Soldiers can stumble across these as well.

Example of a Season 1 prize: Mutant Bored Ape worth 20ETH ($65,000)

No Staking?

Every aspect of this game was thoroughly thought out. The toughest decision of all was deciding whether or not to implement staking. There are many benefits to this functionality, but just as many flaws. While many recent games have included staking, we ultimately decided to not incorporate this component as staking is very costly to holders. When staking, claiming & unstaking you are at the mercy of gas fees. We want our holders to feel true ownership and have the freedom to do as they wish with their soldiers — rather than being limited to the current gas fees. Our conservative breakdown estimates that eliminating staking/fees will save our holders over $1.5 million is gas for Season 1 alone.

Conservative Breakdown

3000 (holders) x $500 (staking/unstaking fees)=$1,500,000 saved


The most crucial aspect of any gamified NFT collection is going to be sustainability. That was a key component in our decision to keep the game off chain and without staking. A major portion of the mint funds and sales royalties will go directly into the prize pool. We will be very transparent with the use of the funds and will set aside enough ETH for the game to be self-sustainable for a very long time. We will continue to innovate and expand our game. The game outlined above is only step one for this project. We envision many additions not limited to potentially rolling out new game modes, adding high roller buy-ins, and even developing a video game tying royalties back to holders. In each step of this expansion, Season 1 holders will be rewarded and prioritized.

Coming Soon

Check out @EtherRoyale on Twitter to stay up to date. Whitelist spots are filling quick and our private discord will open up alongside our website launch. The website is aimed to launch 2/17/22 with a mint date of Mid-March. See you on the battlefield.

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